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Concerned for the future of the children of Haiti a group of like-minded
visionaries headed by Mr. Yves Jean-Charles, founded the Fondation des
Enfants Vulnerables de Pestel- FEVP (Foundation for the Vulnerable Children
of Pestel) on July 16, 2007 in the department of Grand-Anse.  Their main
objective – to help the vulnerable children in their community and those
subjected to a life of domestic servitude.
Very limited in resources, this group forged on with their mission propelled
by their conscience, their compassion and their will to lend a hand to the
disadvantaged members of their community.

FEVP aims to work for the good of vulnerable children and help them to live
with dignity, in accordance with universal children’s rights, in order to help
them grow up to become upstanding citizens in the community.

FEVP is a not for profit charitable organization registered in the department of Grand-Anse,
open to all disadvantaged children and orphans (aged 4-18).  Eligibility is based on availability
of funds and/or assistance at the time of request.

General Objectives

•       Improve the quality of life of vulnerable children and those subjected
to domestic servitude
•       Promote children’s rights, embracing them at all levels of society

Specific Objectives
•       Decrease juvenile delinquency in the area by 50% by empowering
young adults with an education and filling their spare time with
recreational activities
•       Establish a learning/cultural center equipped with computers and
internet access
•       Equip all children with the necessary tools for educational   
advancement  and growth
•       Guarantee each child in the program – proper nutrition, medical care  
as well as a safe living environment
•       Encourage each child to participate in the development of their country

FEVP aims
-to surround all children with mentors who will always remain exemplary role
models who are available and dedicated to empowering them
-to establish a legal department to defend the rights of the children
-to attain the assistance of the local media to promote the importance of a
good education and to also encourage children to participate in their country’
s advancement and development
- establish a community center open to children of all social levels

“Haiti is a 3rd world country with a population of over 8 million inhabitants which
continues to grow day by day.  Half of the population is under 15 and the majority of the
population is illiterate.  80% of the country cannot afford or has no means to a scholastic
education and most must remain dedicated to agriculture, farming and often, charcoal
making.  The birthrate continues to rapidly increase as the average lifespan is decreasing.  
Many children and their families have no access to drinking water, good nutrition or
adequate medical care.  In addition, in Haiti 1 out of 3 children is forced into a life of
domestic servitude where they are subjected to deplorable living conditions and are treated
poorly.   All of these are part of the reasons why it is imperative that organizations such as
FEVP come together to eradicate these terrible injustices facing the people of our country.
The children of FEVP will ultimately have the opportunity to practice a trade or follow a
career of their choosing because they will be armed with education and knowledge.  
Education is the key to this country’s development, and through education all the children
of Haiti will help lift if out of its misery.
With the assistance of organizations like FERHA, we are able begin to take the necessary
steps towards achieving our goals.”

Yves Jean-Charles

FEVP is located in the town center of the city of Pestel where the population
is about 70 thousand.  Located in the Department of Grand-Anse (an 8-10
hour drive from Port-au-Prince), Pestel is a small seaside city surrounded by
high and  forested mountains.  There is only one major road that travels
through town and ends at the port.  The port of Pestel plays an important role
for the inhabitants in the area, as it is a major stop on the seaway between
Jeremie and Port-au-Prince, allowing peasants to ship and receive goods.
Electricity in the area is powered by generators.  There is a justice of the
peace, a police station, a catholic church (Saint Joseph’s), a small restaurant
on the second floor of a local boutique, a school and a small medical
clinic/health center. It is a very unique, old, well-preserved and somewhat
isolated town. One of the major problems this area faces is the lack of access
to potable water.  Pestel is surrounded by mountains and sea.  The
mountainous area makes it difficult for the inhabitants to travel on foot to
other areas to bring back water, and water found in the area of town is salty
making it impossible to drink.  Please click
here to read about the FERHA
Water Project which would benefit the people of Pestel.

For more information about FEVP please contact us at or
email the FEVP Committee directly at    

To make a donation to support this project please click

*In the comment area please indicate that your donation is in support of FEVP.
Yves Jean-Charles, Rodney Bazile, Mme Leutz Decossard, Antoine Rolando, Ceneque
Philippe, Eddy Thomas, Alix Jean-Charles, Philippe Remy, Yvon Jean-Charles

Committee Members
Coordinator                                    Yves Jean-Charles
Administrator                                Alix Jean-Charles
Nurse                                                Anne Marie A. Joseph
Healthcare coordinator            Philippe Ceneque
Advisor                                            Mme Leutz Decossard
Education coordinator             Yvon Jean Charles
Representative                             Eddy Thomas
Foundation for the Education and the Rebirth of Haiti, Inc.
8725 Roswell Road Suite O-112
Atlanta, Ga 30350
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