Under the leadership of Mrs. Nicole Labonté, this site is in one of the
hardest hit areas of Delmas. An active and trusted member of her
community, Mrs. Labonté saw the need for a leader to assist the
community in obtaining the available aid and getting it to them quickly.
Together with a handful of volunteers she formed the association and to
date their list of beneficiaries has reached over 1100 families.
A year later, the association continues to ensure that all the children
receive two full meals per day, and when funding and donations allow
they receive 3 meals each day!  
Their goal is to encourage these vulnerable children to go to school and
obtain an education and make sure that their nutritional and daily needs
are met.  This is no small undertaking and can be quite a challenging
But with our help and assistance they have been able to continue to
reach their goals!
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Fondation pour l'Education et la Renaissance d'Haiti
P.O. Box 15804
Petion-Ville, Haiti WI

8725 Roswell Road #O-112
Atlanta, GA 30350
"Travaillons ensemble au bonheur et au succès d’Haïti "
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"My dream is to not see any of these children end up in the streets one day.  With
your help and support we hope to see them successfully complete their studies and
eventually move on to a trade school of their choosing or even college.
" Mrs.
Nicole Labonté (AVSRM, Founder and Director)
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