The catastrophic and life altering events of January 12, 2010 awakened in many an absolute need for
change in the country of Haiti and in the lives of the Haitian people.

Communities both abroad and locally came together in droves to lend support to their torn neighbors.  
Never before had the Haitian people experienced such a heartfelt and compassionate response.

It is in that same spirit that a group of concerned volunteers noted the need and recognized the
yearning for change.  Driven by the same vision, they came together and created the Foundation for
the Education and the Rebirth of Haiti, Inc. (FERHA), a tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

On January 12, 2010, the people of Haiti not only experienced loss of life but also a loss of their
spirit and direction.  Following these events, there was a general sense of helplessness
throughout the country.  It was noted that among the survivors, many took to action to help
their brothers in need: private homes began to serve as shelters; those not injured began to
assist the injured; makeshift food banks were started in many neighborhoods… most everyone
began to participate in some way to assist those in desperate need of help.  By finding strength
in unity and accepting the assistance of the international community, the Haitian people
amassed the courage to slowly begin to envision the possibilities of a renewed and better life
behind the dust.

What better time to lead this people and help them begin anew equipped with knowledge and
resources.  What better opportunity to also arm them with lifesaving survival skills in the
eventuality of another catastrophe. What better chance for the privileged few, the Diaspora, the
elite and the international community to continue to work together to help Haiti rise from the
rubbles and take that much needed leap into the 21st century, to once again shine as a leading
star in the Caribbean.
Make accessible to the population at large the necessary tools and resources which will afford them continued education and access to information in various
areas, including but not limited to:  education, general health and wellness, civics, arts and culture.

Through different community outreach and cultural centers, projects, the Media, campaigns, instructive and informational pamphlets, seminars, newsletters,
fairs and forums, FERHA reaches out to both young and old, and encourages their participation in this PROGRESSIVE RE-EDUCATION effort.

FERHA, continuously aims to reach out to and serve the community with the participation and collaboration of local and international businesses, schools and
organizations.  Programs and services are made possible by: tax-deductible monetary donations, donations of materials and equipment, volunteering, etc.
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"Together let's work for the prosperity and the success of Haiti"
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